Tuesday, February 26, 2013

From Thitha, with love.

This, folks, is my only sibling. Brother dearest. Taking a moment from his busy life of doing nothing useful to pose for a picture. 

Recently, he missed this crucial lesson in Chemistry class about safety, and then he decided to play Dexter’s lab in our back yard. While at it, he somehow managed to blow up some chemicals in his eyes. 
Yes, three cheers for sheer stupidity.

This resulted in edema of the corneal epithelial layer, or something on those lines. (I don’t know, I never studied science, but I’m VERY PRETTY SURE it means he blew up his eye in English) 

Fortunately, over the past weeks, after extensive treatment and loadsa medication, he has recovered with little permanent damage. Alhamdu lillah.
(Though I’m not sure, but we have to check if he is on a watch-list for suicide bombers now ._.)

What’s life without a few explosions, eh?
So here’s to recovery. And a successful bomb.

Just showing some sibling love, adios. Isra out. 

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