Tuesday, February 26, 2013

From Thitha, with love.

This, folks, is my only sibling. Brother dearest. Taking a moment from his busy life of doing nothing useful to pose for a picture. 

Recently, he missed this crucial lesson in Chemistry class about safety, and then he decided to play Dexter’s lab in our back yard. While at it, he somehow managed to blow up some chemicals in his eyes. 
Yes, three cheers for sheer stupidity.

This resulted in edema of the corneal epithelial layer, or something on those lines. (I don’t know, I never studied science, but I’m VERY PRETTY SURE it means he blew up his eye in English) 

Fortunately, over the past weeks, after extensive treatment and loadsa medication, he has recovered with little permanent damage. Alhamdu lillah.
(Though I’m not sure, but we have to check if he is on a watch-list for suicide bombers now ._.)

What’s life without a few explosions, eh?
So here’s to recovery. And a successful bomb.

Just showing some sibling love, adios. Isra out. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Childhood, for me, began in my amazing parents' laps. I have very vivid memories of the special moments, and the funny moments. Memories of the tantrums I threw, and all the fusses I kicked up. Memories of getting hurt while playing, and memories of making games up with my cousins. Memories of my parents, memories of my brother, my cousins, and memories of my family. Family trips, dinners, lunches, and breakfasts during Ramazan.

I remember, when my parents first sent me to kindergarten. There were many kids crying, so my Auntie, showed us this woman in the school and said that she takes away the misbehaved kids. I thought that the woman ate the kids, and cried to my Mum and Dad about it before going to school the second day. I refused to go to school after that, and didn't go to school until the next year. Gotta admit, I'm quite proud of myself. Young me, all resistant and liberal. Y'know. Whatever.

I remember, playing around the house with my cousins. We made up games as we went along, and played in the back of our house where there were loadsa trees. Now and then, I would go running off complaining to my Mum. I got bullied a lot by them, because back then, I was the tiniest person in the house.

I remember, shooting for this song with UNICEF people or something.(Loabivaashey loabidheyshey mammamen, don't bother searching YouTube, it's not there.) I was so angry with them that day, they were taking my playtime, and they also didn't let me wear my pretty high-heeled shoes. And I remember being so embarrassed every time they played that song on TV. Me and my Dad were shown in the end, and they made me say 'Bappa dheke varah loabi vey' or something like that. I am not in to displaying affection, and I was very shy.

I remember the first day of Grade 1, I went to school, and there were so many kids I didn't know. I wasn't much of a social butterfly, so I didn't talk to most of the kids. I wasn't foni or anything, I just didn't like people in general. And sometimes, these older kids would come and ask me 'Are you Athifa Miss's daughter?' I was so proud and say 'Yes, yes I am.'  
My Mum and me: My dad and my brother

I remember, the family picnics. It used to be planned days ahead. Sometimes, it's just an excursion to the moodhu till evening. But my favorite, were the overnights to uninhabited islands. We usually went on boats, but I hated the boat rides. They were too lengthy, and sometimes, I got scared when I cannot see islands from anywhere. But in the end, it was always worth it when I get to have so much fun.

I remember, going to my Dad's parents' house every weekend. I played with my cousins, and listened to stories from my Grandad and ate all the tasty food my Grandma made. I remember, my Mom's parents too. All four of my grandparents, are awesome, each in their own way. And even now, I love them so much and hope they live forever and ever.

I remember, the first day I got a baby brother. It was so cool. I knew my Mum was getting a baby and all, but this one day, when I woke up, my Mum and Dad weren't home and stuff. I was very excited. I don't remember going to the hospital to see the baby, but I remember the first day he came home. It was like this wondrous thing. Little person. Now I had a huge-eyed, little baby boy to share my Mum and Dad with. I became a big sister, with responsibilities and stuff. And me and my brother? Together we became, Isra aai Miuraj. Oh yeah.
Isra aai Miuraj
My annoying brother

I had an awesome childhood. And all this was thanks to my beautiful family, especially the best parents in my eyes. Mamma and Bappa, I may not say this all the time, but I love you guys to the moon and back. And I am the proud daughter of Saudulla Hameed, and Athifa Saeed.
My parents' wedding

I am glad I was born in to such an amazing family. We may all have gone to different paths as we grew up, but I am sure, we will always stay in each other's hearts. Forever and always. Deep inside, I want to write everybody's name specifically and write down how grateful I am for each and everyone of them. But our family, is such a huge family, and I fear that I might leave someone behind. I would feel so bad if that happens.

But here's to an awesome family, to which I owe gratitude for the amazing childhood I've had. I'm not claiming to be all grown up now, but heey? I have gotten a bit older and stuff. Thank you, amazing people.

My first day
Mom, Dad, My brother and me. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Here's to my lovely cousin who is in London now.

It has been a month since you left, but I still remember the last few weeks of September, as if it was yesterday.
I remember how everyone was so busy, and almost everyday we had to order food in. I remember all the shopping trips, I remember all the fashion shows you walking around with your winter clothes. I remember all the farewell plans, and the farewells itself. And I remember, eating at Dinemore, and fighting over this piece of fish. :|
And most of all, I remember waking up early morning, and going to the airport. That is like yesterday morning. We all woke up so early, got dressed, and skyped with Shaayatha. And boo came so early and stayed without knocking on the door. And then we all walked to the airport. It was a nice day. :) 

So, I just want you to know that it has been a long month, and I miss you very much. And that I can't wait to see you again. 

Just know, that wherever you go, no you're never alone, you will always get back home (8)

Okay, now Imma be mean. 'Cause that's what I do. Yes, you are gone. Big deal. You'll come back next month and stuff. Pfft, just study. And be a little more active on Facebook and stuff. -.-

                                                                 The airport scene.

Okay, now I'm done. Toodles. 

And yes, if you cry after reading this, I will jump off the balcony. Keep in mind. *im watching you* 

Monday, October 15, 2012

After three long years..

So, I have come back to blogspot after ages. Last time I posted, I was just starting grade 8, and now.. here I am, stressing out about the O'levels. Time flies, eh? Back then, I was barely a teen, and now I'm flipping through the pages of a very sweet 16. :)
I look forward to writing many more posts, but right now, I really have to get back to my books. Hitting the books, like literally giving them a good beating when I can't concentrate. :|
Adios, bloggers.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Here comes the old friend- Homework

Hey people,
It's the end of my first week and my new school- Aminiya..And so far, I like my teachers -T.T teacher and Dhiv teacher strictly excluded since they came to my hate list at the1st day itself- and I have got loadsa homework..And really surprisingly I love History and Geography! (Wonders never cease!) That is why I'm planning to join SEAS.

And..I wish myself all the success and hope I'll pass all the subjects...A girl can hope, right?..:D

See ya, bloggers!

P.S. 17th of January is my younger brothers b' day...He's going to be 10 years In 2010..(yeah yeah..i know its cool) So a very happy birthday to him..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Frozen Waters

Hey guys...long time no post, huh?
But now I am back...And with something weird, too..

You see people..

Late last night, there I was trying hard to go to sleep but unsuccessful in doing so...My mind kept wandering in to weird stuff like winter and summer (That's because it was very hot last night despite the fact that it rained)..

Then I wondered..how life would be if it snowed in Maldives..Hmmm, I had thought...

It'll be reaalllyyy cold -and I love cold weather, by the way- cold enough to freeze the water...


If the water freezes, so would the oceans!! And I can skate along the 'frozen waters' to any island!!

Then when I woke up in the morning, I laughed at my stupid thoughts...(I knew it was stupid because oceans never freeze)..then I thought of sharing it here.

...and bada-bing bada-boom! Here I am!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hey people...
Today (November 3rd) is my cousin Raaif's birthday..And tomorrow is blue's birthday..So I thought of wishing both of them a very happy birthday..Happy birthday guys!!

PS..I miss you Raif...

PPS.Happy Victory Day to all!